Competition History


Aarhus International Piano Competition was established in 2009 by professor Anne Øland, her piano students, pianist Dominik Falenski, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus.

The first competition took place in March 2011 under the name "Bang & Olufsen pianoRAMA-competition" as the danish company "Bang & Olufsen" was the main sponsor of the competition. 
Since then the competition has been running under the name "Aarhus International Piano Competition" and takes place every second year.

The competition in 2015 celebrated the 150 years anniversary of the danish composer Carl Nielsen.


All the previous competitions have been a great succes with more than 130 applicants for each competition, lots of audience and a great atmosphere.
Since 2013 the competition is organized by the danish pianists Rune Maahn Christensen and Christian Skovgaard Flarup.


Aarhus International Piano Competition is the only international piano competition in Denmark. For this reason the competition is allready a proud tradition that will continue. The competition's goal is to make a serious contribution to danish music life and encourage young pianists from all over the world.

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