Fredag d. 10. marts 2023


Category A – 2nd round


10.00 Ivaylo Vassilev, Bulgaria
10.30 Sehyeok Son, South Korea
11.15 Jiayou Xu, China
11.45 Yuhe Jin, China
12.30 Yiran Zhou, China
13.00 Pause  
15.00 Yuri Yasui, Japan
15.30 Megan Lo, Canada
16.15 Ryan Wang, Canada
16.45 Kai Rong Toby Tan, Singapore
17.30 Zichen Ma, China
Announcement of the prize winners in category A.
The order of prizes will be published at the final concert - March 11


The repertoire of each participant can be found at and in the printed programme booklet.

Doors will open between each participant.

Find more information about the competition on: