Søndag d. 5. marts 2023


Category B – 1st round - day 1


10.00 Bridget Yee, Malaysia
10.30 Reuben Tsang, Australia
11.15 Sherri Hoi-Ching Lun, Hong Kong
11.45 Yuxuan Zhao, China
12.30 Kamila Sacharzewska, Poland
13.00 Pause / Intermission
15.00 Jun Chen, China
15.30 Seo Jun Lim, South Korea
16.15 Ruogu Wen, China
16.45 Ji Gang Park, South Korea
17.30 Keona Rose, USA
18.00 Jonas Hasager Emtkjær Jensen, Denmark


The repertoire of each participant can be found at pianocompetition.dk/participants and in the printed programme booklet.

Doors will open between each participant.

Find more information about the competition on: