March 3 - March 11 2023, Aarhus, Denmark
March 3 - March 11 2023
Aarhus, Denmark


Participants 2023

We are happy to publish the names of the 42 young and talented pianists, who will take part in Aarhus International Piano Competition 2023. In November we recieved an overwhelming 214 applications, and the preselection jury chose the 42 pianists listed below based on anonymized audio recordings only. We look forward to welcome all participants to Aarhus and to experience their fantastic piano playing.

Pianists in age category A

Kenneth Chen, Canada

Alejandro Gonzalez Gerwig, Germany

Seokyoung Hong, South Korea

Yuhe Jin, China

Julia Kaufmann, Germany

Dayou Kim, South Korea

Yu Tung Liang, Taiwan

Megan Lo, Canada

Zichen Ma, China

Elisabeth Namchevadze, Germany

Can Sarac, Turkey

Sehyeok Son, South Korea

Kai Rong Toby Tan, Singapore

Ivaylo Vassilev, Bulgaria

Ryan Wang, Canada

Yinqi Wang, China

Jiayou Xu, China

Yuri Yasui, Japan

Yiran Zhou, China

Adam Znamirovsky, Czech Republic

Pianists in age category B

Elias Ackerley, United Kingdom

Jun Chen, China

Simon Haje, Germany

Nicolai Kanha Kehlet Hansen, Denmark

Emir Ilgen, Turkey

Jonas Hasager Emtkjær Jensen, Denmark

Yu Wei Lee, Taiwan

Seo Jun Lim, South Korea

Sherri Hoi-Ching Lun, Hong Kong

Rune Leicht Lund, Denmark

Valdemar Wenzel Most, Denmark

Leah Nicholson, United Kingdom

Ji Gang Park, South Korea

Keona Rose, USA

Kamila Sacharzewska, Poland

Yuanzhen Sun, China

Reuben Tsang, Australia

Yiguo Wang, China

Ruogu Wen, China

Hon Yu Wong, Australia/Hong Kong

Ruby Wu, China

Yuxuan Zhao, China

Preliminary Round

214 young pianists from all over the world have applied to take part in Aarhus International Piano Competition 2023. We are overwhelmed and thankful that so many young pianists want to perform in Aarhus!

All files have now been carefully checked and completely anonymized; files renamed, tags removed, and so on.

Everything is now passed on to the preliminary jury who will select the 42 pianists who will be invited to come to Aarhus in March 2023.

We wish the best of luck to all the pianists and we hope to see you in Aarhus.

We are expecting to have a result from the preliminary jury in December and we will notice all applicants immediately after, and no later than December 15th 2022.