Participants 2019

Dec 20, 2018

We are happy to announce the names of the 42 pianists, who have been invited to Aarhus International Piano Competition 2019. The preselection jury did their choice based on anonymized recordings.
Congratulations to all participants. We look forward to meeting you all in Aarhus in March!


In Group A the following pianists have been invited:
Ennian Bai, China
Zexin Bao, China
Ekaterina Bonyushkina, Russia
Ryan Martin Bradshaw, Australia
Daphne Delicata, Malta
Maria Eydman, Germany
Curtis Phill Hsu, USA
Hyunmin Koo, South Korea
Hoi Ching Sherri Lun, Hong Kong
Rune Leicht Lund, Denmark
Vitalii Petrov, Russia
Hao Rao, China
Seungmin Shin, South Korea
Tabea Antonia Streicher, Germany
Haolun Sun, China
Yiguo Wang, China
Zhengyin Yang, China
Yoonji Yeo, South Korea
Hai Lun Yu, Canada
Chi Zhang, China


In Group B the following pianists have been invited:
Calvin Abidel, Australia
Yangrui Cai, China
Alex Cattaneo, Switzerland
Elisabeth Guang, Denmark
Hyungyu Ji, South Korea
Oleksii Kanke, Ukraine
Jeonghwan Kim, South Korea
Junhyung Kim, South Korea
Philipp Kirchner, Germany
Shinyoung Lee, South Korea
Rebecca Leung, United Kingdom
Delvan Lin, New Zealand
Yongqiu Liu, China
Ignas Maknickas, Lithuania
David Munk-Nielsen, Denmark
Yuna Nakagawa, Japan
Mariya Orlenko, Canada
Guoanni Qin, China
Yangyang Ruan, China
Simon Staub, Germany
Jannik Truong, Germany
Bocheng Wang, United Kingdom

Pre Jury

Dec 14, 2018

These days our wonderful preselection jury with Christopher Elton from United Kingdom, Tove Lønskov from Denmark and Uta Weyand from Germany is in Copenhagen. They are doing a big work in finding the 42 pianists, who will be invited for Aarhus International Piano Competition 2019. All recordings have been a anonymized so the jury members only know a number when they listen to the applicants. We expect to publish the results on 20th of December. Stay tuned for news!


Next competition

Aug 24, 2017

The next Aarhus International Piano Competition will take place in 2019 between March 15th and March 23rd

Prize winners of Aarhus International Piano Competition 2017

Mar 19, 2017

Category A:

1st prize: Kyle Hu, USA

2nd prize: Hao Wei Lin, Taiwan

3rd prize: Jun Li Bui, Canada

Carl Nielsen prize: Jun Li Bui, Canada




Category B:

1st prize: Rafael Kyrychenko, Portugal

2nd prize: Gustav Piekut, Denmark

3rd prize: Girim Choi, South Korea

4th prize: Natalie Schwamová, Czech Republic

Carl Nielsen prize: Gustav Piekut, Denmark





Other prizes:

Audience prize: Gustav Piekut, Denmark

Emcy prize: Gustav Piekut, Denmark






































Another documentary

Mar 18, 2017

Result of category A, 2nd round

Mar 17, 2017

The 3 prize winners have been found. The order of prizes will be announced at the final concert tomorrow March 18.


In alphabetical order:


Hao Wei Lin, Taiwan

Jun Li Bui, Canada

Kyle Hu, USA


Result of category B, 2nd round

Mar 16, 2017

The 4 finalists in category B have been found:


Girim Choi, South Korea

Gustav Piekut, Denmark

Natalie Schwamová, Czech Republic

Rafael Kyrychenko, Portugal


Result, category A - 1st round

Mar 15, 2017

The 10 pianists continuing to 2nd round are:


Hao Wei Lin

Hibiki Katayama

Jiayin Li

Jun Li Bui

Kyle Hu

Laura Mota Pello

Lauren Zhang
Sarah Tuan
Shuan Hern Lee
Uladzislau Khandohi


Second round for category A will take place Friday 17.

Programme is available under «Schedule / Programmes»


Here is a documentary from our competition!

Mar 14, 2017


Result, category B - 1st round

Mar 13, 2017

The 12 pianists continuing to 2nd round are:


Anna Isabella Handler, Germany

Anton Mejias, Finland

Daniel Golod, Germany

Girim Choi, South Korea

Giulio Cilona, USA

Gustav Piekut, Denmark

Kojiro Okada, Japan

Natalie Schwamová, Czech Republic

Onute Grazinyte, Lithuania

Rafael Kyrychenko, Portugal

Yi Ding, China

Zhiye Lin, China


Second round for category B will take place Thursday 16.

Programme is available under «Schedule / Programmes»



The competition has started

Mar 12, 2017

Follow the competition online on our live stream

Ballot, 1st round

Mar 11, 2017

Yesterday all participants arrived to Aarhus and in the end of the day we had the ballot. That means that all participants now know when they will play in first round.

Therefore we will publish programmes for 1st round during today. They will be published in the menu Schedule/Programmes. Click here.