March 7 - March 15 2025, Aarhus, Denmark
March 7 - March 15 2025
Aarhus, Denmark


Aarhus International Piano Competition is organized by the non-profit organization “Aarhus International Piano Competition” and is based in Aarhus, Denmark. The organization is founded by some of the major cultural institutions in Aarhus – Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Academy of Music, and Juhl-Sørensen A/S. 
The board that is responsible for the competition consists of the following members:

Jesper Nordin
CEO of Aarhus Symphony Orchestra

Keld Hosbond
Head of The Royal Academy

Christian Juhl-Sørensen
Juhl-Sørensen A/S

Søren Rastogi
Associate professor at The Royal Academy

Jeppe Uggerhøj
Programme director, Musikhuset Aarhus

Rune Maahn Christensen
Pianist and Competition manager

Christian Skovgaard Flarup
Pianist and Competition Manager


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