Main prizes

Category A:

1st prize: 6.000 €

2nd prize: 4.000 €

3rd prize: 2.000 €


Category B:

1st prize: 8.000 €

2nd prize: 5.000 €

3rd prize: 3.000 €
4th prize: 1.000 €

Carl Nielsen prizes

Category A:

Carl Nielsen Prize: 1.000 €

Category B:

Carl Nielsen Prize: 1.500 €


These prizes are given for the best Carl Nielsen performance in 1st Round



Other prizes

Audience Prize: 1,000 €


EMCY Prize

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Concert prizes

The winner of the 1st prize in Category B will be invited to give a concert with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in the following season.
We aim to offer all other prize winners a concert as well. However it might not be possible of practical reasons.
See our concert partners here.