March 7 - March 15 2025, Aarhus, Denmark
March 7 - March 15 2025
Aarhus, Denmark

Privacy Policy




This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and process data about you via our website and our Online Application Form.
Aarhus International Piano Competition wishes to protect your personal data and comply with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Data Controller / Contact Information

Organisation Aarhus International Piano Competition
Cvr. 33891970
Project coordinators: Christian Skovgaard Flarup, Rune Maahn Christensen, Jens Riemer
Project office address:
Skovgaardsgade 2c
8000 Aarhus C


Purpose and basis for data collection

Via we collect data from you through:

To apply and participate in Aarhus International Piano Competition, we need to receive personal data from you. You are not forced to give your data to us.


We will not collect data from you until you have been informed of this and have given your consent. This privacy policy describes what data we need from you and what happens to your data after you give your consent. We need consent from you in the following cases:

Your consent is optional and you can withdraw it at any time by contacting us. However, please note that we will not be able to process your application for the competition if you do not give us your consent or if you later withdraw your consent. Your application will then be considered canceled and all personal data deleted.

If you withdraw your consent, it will only take effect from the time you have withdrawn the consent.


What Personal Data do we need?

When applying via our Online Application Form, we need the following information from you:
Full Name, Age, Email, A Portrait Photo, A photocopy of your passport so we can see that you are the one you state to be and, in some cases issue a visa, Parent / Guardian Name and Email Address (if the applicant is under 18 years old). In addition, the system also collects some technical information such as your ip-address.
To pay the registration fee, we need your credit card information.
In addition, of course, we need your recorded audio files.


How do we process your personal data?

Third Party Processors



The security of your information is very important to us. We have taken a lot of precautions to keep your data secure. We have chosen our Third Party Processors carefully and examined that they meet the required security requirements. We use 2-factor authentication whereever possible, which makes a potentially hacked password useless. All file transfers are done trough an encrypted connection.
The project coordinators of Aarhus International Piano Competition are all aware of keeping your information safe and aware how to act in certain situations.


Disclosure of data

For applicants

Parts of your data (name and audio files) will at some point during the application process be presented to the pre-jury of the contest. The uploaded audio files are stripped for tags and filenames and are thus completely anonymized before being passed on to the pre-jury.

For participants

For applicants selected to participate in the competition, your name, age, portrait and nationality, will be published on our website, in printed programs, in PR for the competition, on facebook and in various documents for the completion of the competition. Your name will also appear on the competitions YouTube videos. In the event that a music society is interested in you we might give them your email-address, so that they can contact you. 
Applicants who have been selected to participate in the competition will be presented with a contract. 


Storage of data

We'll store your data until we do not need them anymore. The uploaded files in The Online Application Form will be deleted latest after 6 months unless certain laws forces us to keep them longer. Should you be selected to participate in the competition, we will of course have to store some of your data longer than the 6 months and keep them as long as we need them.

What are your rights



You can complain about our processing of personal data to the danish data authority at



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Updating our privacy policy

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